The Problem

70% of people who need a bone marrow transplant rely on a complete stranger for a donation. Beyond that, black people and other people of color have a much harder time finding a donor match.

The Solution

The most successful transplants come from people ages 18 to 44. Hold on: that’s you! Ready to step up? Let’s give a spit...about cancer.

By simply swabbing your cheek, you can join the Be The Match bone marrow registry. That means you’ll have the chance to be selected as a donor match for a cancer patient in need. Round up a Swab Mob at your school: The more people who swab, the more lives we'll save.

What You Get

Sign up for facts on donating bone marrow and tips on running a drive to help people battling cancer. You'll also learn how to order a swab kit.

Swab right to find a match.

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