What You Did

This campaign is over. ICYMI, here's what happened. Americans throw away nearly $1 billion worth of aluminum cans every year. Aluminum is so durable, you can recycle it over and over and over. Recyclers can even turn an old can into a new can in only 60 days. It's legitimately magic...or maybe just science. We asked people to collect and recycle just 5 aluminum cans. Together, we kept over 150,000 aluminum cans out of landfills! Thanks to everyone who participated, especially these members who accepted the 5 cans challenge and went above and beyond.

Congrats to…


"This campaign is important to me because we never really pay attention to the environment and how much we throw away daily. The challenge helped give me a perspective on the choices we could make when recycling that are both environmentally conscious and financially beneficial. By doing this challenge, My friends and I were able to recycle thousands of cans, and make almost 900 dollars for my robotics team to travel to the world competition."

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