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This campaign is closed! In case you missed it, here’s what happened.

Every year, we see countless headlines of Halloween costumes, sold and worn, that perpetuate racist cultural stereotypes. Sharing photos of appropriative and offensive Halloween costumes on social media explaining why they're problematic helps educate others on why these costumes are offensive. By doing this over 15,000 amazing members like you helped people make better decisions in their costume selection for Halloween. Amazing work!

HUGE shout-out to everyone who took the time to help make this Halloween a hate-free one!

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Scholarship Winner

Kelsey was the Hate-Free Scholarship Winner for October 1-15! Here's what Kelsey had to say:

"Hate Free Halloween is a project close to my heart because I have seen the impact of insensitivity on people only trying to represent who the are with honesty. The vast amount of unfairness in the world is overwhelming, and I am proud to play even the most minuscule part in letting it ebb away. Helping others understand cultural appropriation in turn helps them to respect minority groups of people who are constantly marginalized. I want to do all I can to help those who feel hopeless."


Scholarship Winner

Hannah was the Hate-Free Scholarship Winner for October 16-31! Here's what Hannah had to say:

"As a person of color and a human being I feel that respect for other people's differences is the most important thing. Halloween is an opportunity to be something you are not: a ghost, a werewolf, a vampire. Halloween is not meant for you to be disrespectful and oblivious to other people's lives because what is a costume to you is everyday wear for someone else."

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