What You Did

85,360 Members Participated

You just helped make history.

Thank you for being so incredible and so inspiring during a crucial time for our country. Following the election and the inauguration, with 77% of the nation feeling divided, you brought our country together. In our Week of Action (January 16 - 22), you made an impact alongside over 85,000 young Americans -- Republicans, Democrats, and Independents alike.

Together, with members from every single state, you stood up to Do Something about discrimination, climate change, poverty, and other issues affecting your community. Watch this video and celebrate everything you all accomplished just a few weeks into 2017.

Congrats to…


"When I saw this campaign posted on dosomething.org, I knew it was a challenge I had to accept. I took the challenge as a motivation to help improve my community and my school. I always wished to be a positive influence on those who surround me and act upon situations that needed change. My community was in need of volunteers to help with new improvements, like volunteering to help recycle containers, maintain the environment clean and helping senior citizens with simplistic chores. This campaign is important to me because it is in the process of helping my community stay positive in this new year that started and help me grow as an individual and a leader."

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