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Millions of students across the country are impacted by harsh and unfair school discipline for minor reasons. For students of color and students with disabilities, the statistics are even more alarming due to stereotypes, implicit bias and discrimination. Thousands of young people amplified their own stories and those of other young people impacted by harsh, school discipline and demanded an end to school to prison pipeline. Thanks to you, the movement to end harsh school discipline in schools has grown even larger!

Huge thanks to everyone who shared their story or helped amplify someone else's story in demanding change. Special shoutout to the members below who went above and beyond.

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We partnered with Exalt for our Suspended for WHAT? PSA

In this powerful PSA, we featured amazing young people from Exalt to discuss the need to come together and demand an end to harsh, unfair school discipline in the US.

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Tairice is the winner of the $3,000 Suspended for WHAT?: AMPLIFY scholarship! Here's what Tairice had to say:

"The reason why this campaign is so important to me is because there is not enough light shed on this subject. Unfair punishment at schools across the country continue to grow as each day passes. More & more students are becoming resentful towards the school system, and so are the parents. What hit me the most was when I experienced it for myself, causing me to try and make a change, and to also give this issue a voice."

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