The Problem

Almost ¾ of LGBTQ students with no supportive staff feel unsafe attending school. On Wednesday, the White House withdrew federal policies that reduce discrimination towards transgender students in public schools- this is discrimination.

The Solution

The withdrawal of these protections are urgent and serious because they make schools less safe for transgender students. The fact is, 70% of transgender students experience harassment in public restrooms.

We can all do our part to step up as allies and demand that classrooms be safe spaces for LGBTQ students. By posting a flyer and asking your teacher to hang it up on their door you can help create a safe environment for students wrongfully targeted by hate and discrimination.

What You Get

Sign up for facts and tips on how a simple flyer can help your school be a safe space for LGBTQ students. You'll receive a flyer to post IRL and one online to demand that your social network be a safe space too!

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