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Each year, over a thousand communities are affected by natural disasters, ranging from large impact events like earthquakes, floods and hurricanes, to more localized ones such as fires, landslides and tornadoes. These disasters create billions of dollars in damages and claim hundreds of lives. And incidents of extreme weather, often linked to climate change, are on the rise. Since 2000, natural disasters have caused more than $1.7 trillion in damage and adversely impacted 2.9 billion people. In many cases, having an emergency response plan can be the difference between life and death.

Sign up for a campaign below to get started on making your community safer. Volunteer your time to prepare disaster relief plans, raise awareness on how climate change can impact life, collect food for a local food bank, or just to give thanks to emergency response workers and firefighters.

What are you waiting for, sing up for a campaign that matters to you. You'll join millions of young people volunteering to make a difference.

Facts About Disasters

  • Floods are the most widespread natural disaster aside from wildfires. 90% of all U.S. natural disasters declared by the President involve some sort of flooding. 1
  • Between 2000 and 2012, natural disasters caused $1.7 trillion in damage and affected 2.9 billion people. 2
  • By 2050, climate change and erratic weather patterns could push another 24 million children into hunger, most of them contained to sub-Saharan Africa. 3
  • Research shows that most Americans do not feel a personal connection to climate change. 4
  • Over 1.1 million firefighters in the US confront the dangers of fire, stress, over-exertion, and more, all to keep our communities safe. 5
  • Homemade cookies and a thank-you note are great things to send to a firehouse. It'll make firefighters happy, and studies show that it'll also make them better at their job. Win-Win! 6 7 8


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What You Get

Psh, what DON’T you get? Each campaign offers the key facts, pro tips, and four easy action steps you need to rock the campaign and make an impact.

  • Step 1, Know It: You get stats on the problem and how you’re going to solve it.
  • Step 2, Plan It: You’ll learn the stuff you need, how to recruit others to take action with you, and how to prep to take action.
  • Step 3, Do It: You’ll learn how to actually do the darn thing and make the biggest impact possible.
  • Step 4, Prove It: Snap a pic of you in action and upload it! Each campaign counts as volunteer experience for your resume. And you can enter to win scholarships! Speaking of…

Scholarships and Contests

You make the world suck less for others. Great! So what’s in it for you? Money. Lots and lots of money. (For school.) Complete any campaign on the site, send a pic in the Prove It section, and you’ll enter to win a $10,000 scholarship! We award one of these seasonal scholarships four times a year. And, lots of other campaigns offer their own scholarship opps. Mad chances to win mad money.

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