Millions of students lack the supplies and tools they need to succeed in America's education system. Volunteer to improve your school’s policies, mentor your peers in different subjects, or give some staff appreciation. Join millions of young people that care by signing up for a campaign below to better your school community. runs dozens of campaigns each year that help you equip yourself and your friends for a better education. Use your tweeting skills to voice your opinions about school board decisions with School Board Tweeter. Help your friends de-stress during demanding times of the school year through #SuperStressFace. Interested in preparing for post-school jobs? Host a homecoming-themed Career Tailgate! Whatever your passion, whether it’s helping your current school or preparing for the future, we have you covered.

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What You Get

Psh, what DON’T you get? Each campaign offers the key facts, pro tips, and four easy action steps you need to rock the campaign and make an impact.

  • Step 1, Know It: You get stats on the problem and how you’re going to solve it.
  • Step 2, Plan It: You’ll learn the stuff you need, how to recruit others to take action with you, and how to prep to take action.
  • Step 3, Do It: You’ll learn how to actually do the darn thing and make the biggest impact possible.
  • Step 4, Prove It: Snap a pic of you in action and upload it! Each campaign counts as volunteer experience for your resume. And you can enter to win scholarships! Speaking of…

Scholarships and Contests

You make the world suck less for others. Great! So what’s in it for you? Money. Lots and lots of money. (For school.) Lots of campaigns offer scholarship opps. Check out our scholarships page, complete a campaign listed, send a pic in the Prove It section, and you’ll enter to win! Mad chances to win mad money.

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