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Politics isn't an old man's game, and you proved it in this year's presidential election! Keep your voice heard by getting involved with local elections.


Young Candidate

You only have to be 18-21 in most states to run for office. And you thought only old balding men were in office! Check out their amazing stories below by clicking on their names.

Pablo Gonzales

15th Legislative District

Raaheela Ahmed

School Board of Education,
District 5

Casey Kozlowski

State Representative
District 99

Michael Tubbs

Stockton City Council
District 6

Vote For Me


Want to run for office yourself? Check out this handy guide on how to make it happen.

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$10,000 Scholarship

Michelle Villarreal in El Centro, CA won the $10,000 scholarship. Way to go Michelle!

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Learn About The Issue


What’s this campaign about?

Voters under the age of 30 have the power to change politics through their sheer numbers and diversity, but only half are actually registered to vote. Registering to vote is the first (and very easy) step with becoming involved in our political system, and you’ll have a HUGE hand in changing this country with your voice and voting power.

How do I register to vote?

How do I register to vote" to "Easy! Check out, you can register to vote online in less than 10 minutes

I’m registered, now what?

Sweet, now it’s time to show those voting booths who’s boss. Check out This awesome resource will show you how elections work, help you find upcoming elections, and shows you what elected officials are in office in your community now.

Who are these 25 and younger candidates?

You don’t have to be old to be in office. These candidates are under the age of 25, super diverse, and passionate about getting involved. They are running for everything from local school board to state legislator around the country. It’s ok, we won’t judge if you get inspired.

Still haven't found your answer? Shoot an email to with your questions!

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