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Michael Tubbs is truly a son of Stockton and is no stranger to hardship as he was born to a teenaged mother and an incarcerated father. Michael Tubbs graduated from Stanford, earning his bachelor’s degree with honors and the highest university distinction – the Dinkelspiel award. His experience and education have equipped him to serve the city that has nurtured him, and Stockton agrees! Michael won his race with 60% of the vote, and is really excited to help the people of his city

Tubbs has dedicated his life to improving the Stockton community. He has been an active participant in many of the city’s boards and commissions including spending 2 years as Chairman of the Youth Advisory Commission. In response to the spike in crime during the summer months, he co-created Save Our Stockton, which successfully engaged the mayor and city council in establishing a mayoral task force on youth and crime. He also organized a “Back to School” tour, where he gave assemblies at Stagg and Franklin High Schools, instilling in youth the importance of attaining a higher education. Additionally, he co-founded the Summer Success and Leadership Academy at the University of Pacific, a program that trains Stockton’s youth to create solutions to the myriad of problems in the city. Furthermore, Tubbs has worked in the White House where he helped craft the administration’s strategy for engaging with mayors and city councils nationwide.

A breath of political fresh air, Tubbs is a proud International Baccalaureate graduate of Franklin High School where he earned a full ride scholarship to Stanford University. He has served as a voting member of Stanford University’s Board of Trustees Development Committee, worked with the Children’s Defense Fund on their campaign to stop the Cradle to Prison Pipeline, and has served as president of Stanford’s NAACP. He also is a member of both Stanford’s Black Community Services Alumni Advisory Board and the Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation Alumni Advisory Board.

In addition, Tubbs serves as the Founder and Executive Director of The Phoenix Scholars, which to date has worked with over 300 students statewide in gainingacceptances to colleges and universities. Michael has been honored as a City of Stockton Architect of Peace, a Truman Scholar for his commitment to public service, and a Rhodes Scholarship Finalist. The impetus behind Tubbs’ experiences and accomplishments is his desire to create opportunities and positive outcomes for those in his community. A true son of Stockton, Tubbs eagerly welcomes the challenge and is humbled at the opportunity to serve the Stockton community as councilman for District 6.


The future is shaped in the present, and the electoral decisions we make today creates the tomorrow we will inherit.

QUESTION #2 What are the challenges and successes you've encountered as a young candidate?

As a young candidate, we have been incredibly successful in garnering support from a wide variety of constiuences from people like Oprah Winfrey, to Congressman Jerry McNerney, to local pastors and the local school board President. We have also been successful in engaging people, young and old alike, in the political process- many of whom for the first time. Our message of Reinventing Stockton is really catching on with the city writ large. Some of the challenges as a young candidate, are similar to challenges faced by any challenger facing an incumbent: questions about my experience and preparation for the job. We've countered that by pointing to my experiences in the White House, at Google, and in Non-Profit development and management.


I would have dinner with Jesus, because aside from being the cornerstone of my religion, His example of leadership is one that I try to emulate - a servant leader who was able to change paradigms and inspire the masses to create a better world. Furthermore, His love for people and his passion for the "least of these" and justice is something that drives my own work in public service.

I would also like to have dinner with Tupac Shakur, because despite all his controversy, mistakes, and shortcomings, he was still a cultural figure who inspired many of my generation and wasn't afraid to speak the truth about the impact of poverty and social isolation on millions of children in America. His poem, "The Rose that Grew from Concrete" is one that I routinely use in my speeches and in my own life to motivate me to continue to work for a more perfect union

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