Fun in the Sun Field Day

Official Project

The Problem

My partner Abby and I, Anna, are trying to fix today's generation. A majority of children rather be inside watching television shows or movies, or playing on their game systems or computer. We want to show them how much fun we used to have st their age with that much time on our hands, its a great way to get the youth exercising and moving. America has gotten to lazy and maybe with a little push we can begin to change that.

Plan of Action

We plan on talking with some Elementary schools in our area and see if they would allow their students to take part in our project. Once we get at least one school to allow us, we are going to find activities, such as tug-a-war or a 3-legged-run, to have on the day of the event. After we decide how many events we would like to do we will determine how many people we would need to help and then ask around or just get some JROTC cadets since they are disciplined, can follow directions/take orders, and keep order in the event in which they would be helping with.

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