The Problem

We see students walk around school, some don't want to be here, others only care only about learning. We want to change that and add something new and interesting to our school. As an environmental club, the classic choice would be a garden, so to be different, we plan to make a big one. Sound silly? Just until you see our layout. Our courtyard is about 95ft. x 50 ft. and we plan to fill it up with fruit plants and vegetable plants. The idea is to grow things of our own and produce instead of just consume. We hope that this will add some fun to the school and give students something to do and enjoy. The best part is, it helps the environment and a garden of this size isn't something every school has. With experience making a smaller garden, we want to inspire other schools in our district to also take and action to raise awareness for our environment.

Plan of Action

We plan to work alongside our school's Greenhouse Club to get this grant, raise the rest of the money needed, and build an amazing garden. This project has a high approval rating among both teachers and students and everyone feels it would really add something important to our schools. Some science teachers even want to focus their classes or certain units around the garden and even bring their plants and conduct experiments. We feel this project is beneficial for both education and the environment.

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