Networks for Change

Official Project

The Problem

Networks for Change seeks to remedy the lack of collaborative ties between non-profits organizations that frequently results from a lack of financial and physical resources, leading to a duplication of efforts and a reduction in the fluidity of information and ideas. While certainly possessing agency and motivation, non-profit organizations oftentimes lack a singular tool to structure their communications, manage their projects, interface with the public, and share their invaluable research. Globalization has provided the ability for instantaneous connectivity on a global scale, however, there exists no centralized, affordable resource for non-profits to find, network, and easily collaborate with like-minded organizations. The centralized facilitation of the sharing of resources and innovative ideas greatly enhances the capacity of non-profits organizations to undertake and expand their worthwhile causes. The necessity of a centralized collaborative space aimed at enhancing the internal organizational structure and cross-organizational abilities of existing and potential non-profits is evident, and it is this void that Networks for Change seeks to fill through the practical use of the internet as a media for connecting change.

Plan of Action

Networks for Change aims to increase the number and depth of collaborative ties among non-profit organizations by providing an affordable, centralized, cloud-based digital platform through which non-profits can meet and engage in the process of information sharing, solicit volunteers and donors, and manage their internal communications and projects. Networks for Change provides an ideal project management software in a one-stop, comprehensive website which provides an efficient alternative to the various combinations of paid applications, online services, and sharing tools provided by numerous and unassociated vendors that are currently available to non-profits. The streamlining, ease of use, and affordability of Networks for Change's digital platform would provide an unparalleled system for users, ultimately reducing administrative costs, and allowing for the relocation of funds to projects that reflect the ultimate and core mandate of the organizations. The comprehensive communication system, and the multi-faceted project management system provides Networks for Change the ability to serve and assist any and all organizations whose mission is to better the human condition. The global reach of Networks for Change is palpable, and the ability of the organization to increase efficiency within the non-profit sector is undeniable.

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