Be Good Project

The Problem

My name is Scott Bender and this is the BE GOOD PROJECT. The BE GOOD PROJECT is a multimedia site emphasizing on the importance of community and the idea that we as people are always changing. Sometimes it is positive, and sometimes negative. I hope to bring out the positive by creating an outlet where we can help one another through the tough transitions, while letting others smile with us at the joyous ones. Post photos, comments, stories, videos - the good and the bad. Share your voice as others may be trying to find their own.

Plan of Action

We all have fears, secrets, doubts. We all have talents, stories, wisdom. We have negatives and positives. We have the ability to share. To communicate. My hope is that this website and the idea of the BE GOOD PROJECT will knock down the impenetrable walls that guard our insecurities as we are allowed to let them go without judgment. I am not saying we will change the world, but at least we will know we are not alone in it. Check us out at

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