Generosity for Smiles

Official Project

The Problem

Many kids are affected by cancer and not just cancer but all kinds of sickness that leaves many kids behind in hospitals for months at times. Most of the kids can not even come home for the holidays and many times feel left out. I want to make many kids smile!! I would like to go the hospitals on all holidays and pass out different type of small gifts or have parties for the kids and just hang out with them. It really hurts me to see pictures of kids laying in the hospital beds with nothing to do. I could bring coloring books and board games for them and movies.

Plan of Action

I will go to every single hospital in my city to help kids who are unable to come home for the holidays. I have friends who wouldn't mine helping either.:) I plan on bringing many activities for them to do(buying coloring books,board games,etc) and gifts, on each and every holidays.

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