Dream Big.. Shoot For The Stars.. NEVER GIVE UP

Official Dosomething.org Project

The Problem

There are millions of kids with dreams that are always being put down and told tha there is no possible way that they can do it. This causes them to have low self esteem and therefore they try to fit in with the crowd. Some never do anything or try anything that they really want to because they remeber being told, "Your not good enough" or "You will never be able to do anything." I have been there and still go through it. Everyone needs to know that everything is possible and even though people withh get them down or try to push them down that they can still succeed and do what they want to do most in their life. They have a choice, I want to make sure they know.

Plan of Action

With this project I on talking to kids of all ages and show them that they can chase their dreams and that anything is possible if you just believe in yourself. Dream Big is first because without dreams you dont have a plan of action or a clue of what you wanna do. Second Shoot For The Stars.. Dont let anyone tell you you cant possilby do what you want to do in life, be it a movie star, fasion designer, interior designer, or whatever else you want to do their are many of options. Lastly.. NEVER GIVE UP! Just keep dreaming and working on it that way one day you will reach your goal. I would like to be able o have a camp or something in that nature to work with kids in this area and eventually in others as to help them Dream Big.. Shoot For The Stars.. and NEVER GIVE UP, share my stories of others trying to get me down to encourage them to never ever give up and just to give them a fun place to go. I would also like to design things for the kids or teens up you can do just to show them that if you never give up you can do anything.

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