EMT Knee Padded Pants

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The Problem

EMT's often need to hold stabilization. This requires them to hold an injured body part in one place for long periods of time. However, often times EMTs need to hold stabilization on their knees. Being unable to move and holding still while on one's knees, is very uncomfortable and hurts a lot. As a result, EMTs often accidently move to find a position of comfort. This runs the risk of causing even more damage to the injured body part. Additionally, this causes a lot of knee problems for EMTs.

Plan of Action

I want to create EMT knee padded pants. This will provide a cushioning in the knee area, so that when EMTs hold stabilization on their knees, they will have the extra comfort of the cushioning. This will help minimize the aforementioned excessive movement to the patient, and knee problems for the EMT.

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