Mart Community Project/Save Chambless Field

The Problem

The problem is a lack of adequate play area for a large portion of socio-economically challenged children that reside in Mart, Texas, a town with 33% of its residents living below the poverty level. Problem two is the neglect and abandonment of an historic football field as the schooI district relocated the sports facilities to a new location. Tall grass and lack of maintenance have made the area an eye-sore. Both problems are intertwined and the solving of one problem will result in the resolution of the other. The first step in the process is the clean up and painting of the buidings, picking up the trash, and mowing and edging the property.

Plan of Action

The plan of action is to save a treasured landmark Mart from extinction while creating a park/activity area in a location that all children in our town will find convenient to use with easy accessibility to their homes. The current parks are located on the edge of town far from this location (a thirty minute walk to and from). This park will offer children in the Mart Housing Authority location and children residing in the western portion of Mart, a place to play that they currently do not have. I am organizing the clean up, painting and mowing of the area utilizing community members and school children on Saturdays. I have implemented a flexible schedule that allows individuals to come and go but to put in a minimum of 4 hours per Saturday.

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