Ellis County SPCA Donation Drive

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The Problem

Due to the high work volume faced by shelter employees, most dogs and cats spend the majority of the day in their kennels and cages, with limited opportunity to get out and run and entertain themselves. Cages and kennels are made of hard surfaces which are easy to clean, but not always comfortable for the animals, especially during winters, when it gets cold. Toys are used to give the animals something to play with and keep them company in the long hours spent by themselves in their cages, and for puppies who are teething. Blankets and towels provide warmth and a soft place to lay down, making the dog feel more comfortable in an environment which is otherwise loud, busy, and sterile.

Plan of Action

I want to host a donation drive through the NHS chapter at my school to collect towels, blankets, and old toys for local animal shelters and rescues, as well as any other items they may need, including but not limited to food and water bowls, leashes, collars, etc. In doing so I also hope to give information about the local shelters and animal homelessness and encourage people to adopt or foster pets from these places, or at least to volunteer their time.

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