Give the kids something todo!

Official Project

The Problem

I'm trying to build a play ground in our coummunity so the kids will have some do. This will allow the young kids to have some todo with their time instead of getting in trouble for an example the kids can get to gather in play basketball,swing, and etc. I don't the money to complete what i have started.I don't want to let the kids down. They are so exci

Plan of Action

I plan to finish creating our community play ground for the kids in our community. I will gather all the kids around the community so we can create a community garden. On holidays and every second sunday we will go to the garden to pick all our different vegetables and friuts that we will need to serve our community. I will have a couple of people to help me cook n serve our community.We will also go around to pick up trash. I also plan to treat(snacks) after we clean.

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