Kathleens hats for hope Initiative Kansas

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The Problem

my group is a spin off from Emilys hats for hope Initiative.we provide hand knitted or crocheted hats,gloves,mittens,scarves,cowls,blankets,afghans, to the homeless and the working poor.There is a lot of working poor in Kansas.and most likely in north central,eastern,KS.If I hlep one person,maybe I can help make the homeless and working poor,s life a lot better.!And help change the face of homeless and poverty.

Plan of Action

I have a facebook page Kathleens hats for hope Initiative Kansas to get members to join.and help distirbute the warm hats to the homeless and poor.I have an email where people may contact me kathyhats4hopeinitiativekansas@yahoo.com .I also have an have an p.o box where people can send the hand knitted or crocheted hats p.o box 1172 Salina,KS 67402 .I plan on having a couple of people in my group that will distribute to Eastern,western ,south central,and south eastern,KS.I would use the money to buy yarn,and pay for shipping,and the p.o.box

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