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The Problem

There are too many children waiting to be adopted or get taken into a foster home. The one's that are in homes mostly are there because the parents get money it's not about loving this child that you took in. As well alot of troubled kids and older kids aren't even given the chance to be a part of a family because they are{hopeless,unchangable,unlovable,to far gone,etc}

Plan of Action

I want to start an orphanage primarily,but to start out I would like to have a chance to be a guide to these kids have a friendly atmosphere where they can come hang out with people who truly care for and love them for them. Where they know they are safe and that they can tell us anything and we will do our best to help in whatever way we can,where if need be we can be there refuge from a world as uncaring and unkind as Scrooge during christmas.

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