Wayne Elementary School Garden

Official Dosomething.org Project

The Problem

Jamie Oliver began his famous food revolution in Huntington, WV, one county over from Wayne County (where Wayne Elementary is located). This means that Wayne County and Wayne Elementary missed his message and philanthropy and the community is in need of an enlivened food system and food knowledge. Our Farm to School program is planning to do just that by creating a program to offer alternative participatory educational opportunities, and give children real food and real food knowledge. This means we will be educating students on where their food is coming from and starting a school garden.

Plan of Action

Our school garden already has a large, sunny, beautiful location very close to the playground, with room for a shed, compost bins, and a high tunnel for the future. We are hoping to plant year long, in and out of the classroom. During the summer, we also hope to recruit more children through our 4-H club and create a Junior Master Gardener's program so that children stay active in the food creation process through this important period. We will also be integrating this program into the classroom and state standards so that students are taking away valuable and important lessons that help them with standardized tests (with science, math, and language arts) and life skills. Our lessons will include life cycles, composting and its role, what mulching does, planning the garden on graph paper, counting seeds and measuring where they will fit.

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