The Chameleon Cooperative

The Problem

Many nonprofit organizations--particularly social service providers--are underfunded. This leads those who manage the service facilities to place a stronger financial emphasis on employee wages and basic overhead, which sometimes means a less-attractive facility. The individuals and families who utilize social services, like those provided at violence shelters, counseling centers, or other community resource hubs, are often seeking comfort and encouragement. When these people, who are desperate to improve one or multiple aspects of their personal lives, visit poorly funded and non-comforting facilities, their minds may not be immediately put to ease, despite the quality of services provided.

Plan of Action

To help nonprofit organizations, especially social service providers with limited funding, I would like to create a nonprofit organization geared toward assisting other nonprofits with the beautification of their facilities. I have maintained a small freelance art business for several years, but would like to find a way to use my paintings and drawings to bring joy to those who are in not-so-great personal situations. The costs of art supplies tends to be too expensive, which is why I have been unable to simply donate pieces of artwork on my own. I recently filed articles of incorporation for "The Chameleon Cooperative" in the state of Pennsylvania. The Chameleon Cooperative will ideally become a nonprofit that serves nonprofits. Just like the colorful, ever adaptive chameleon in nature, art has a multiplicity of meanings and functions in the civilized world. The Chameleon Cooperative's purpose is to remind those in need that beauty can be found even in the most unfortunate of places. Upon the approval of The Chameleon Cooperative's incorporation, I will move forward in seeking overhead funds and possibly advertising for additional artists who would be willing to contribute decorative drawings and paintings to The Chameleon Cooperative's collection. Upon the establishment of a functional request system to be utilized by interested social service providers, I will then begin to advocate The Chameleon Cooperative's services. Hypothetically, when a nonprofit social service provider submits a request for decorative arts for their facility, I (or another staff member) will search The Chameleon Cooperative's art collection (if one exists) for a relevant piece of artwork. If no collection of pre-produced decorative art items exists, I will make one that fits the seeking organization's theme/mission and send it to that organization as soon as possible. In the future, I may ask local art suppliers and framesmiths to get involved with The Chameleon Cooperative, either by way of in-kind donations or discounted services.

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