The Problem

For the past two years I have been researching the honeybee population throughout the world. What started as a school project on Colony Collapse Disorder (the disappearance of the honeybees), has sparked this internal quest in me to help the bees. While CCD may be at a stand still, I believe that there are immense strides that can be taken to aid in providing a healthier world for the bees and raise a new generation with a deeper appreciation and understanding of bees and their role in our world. Countries in Europe, such as France, have displayed remarkable rebounds of their bee populations after measures were taken to help the bees. All the bees need are a voice, I will try to give them just that.

Plan of Action

Last year I spent nine months studying honeybees, four of those months were dedicated to an action plan. I decided to focus directly on CCD and sharing the bees' story. I hosted a screening of Vanishing of the Bees at my local library, made a short film that was screened at my local movie theater, and started a honeybee hive of my own. While the action I took last year was great, I believe there is more to be done for the bees right now, while we wait for scientists to figure of Colony Collapse. By creating a curriculum for schools concerning bee anatomy, beekeeping and bee friendly gardens, we could break down the bee issue into comprehendible steps of action for children. Also, I want to share my story and the story of my mentors throughout the past year. Whether it be speaking, blogging, or possibly even writing a book, through sharing those stories I would both spread awareness of bees and open people's eyes to a world that needs them now, the world of the honeybee. Lastly, apiarists throughout the U.S. have lost funding for research. By holding a bee appreciation day and fund raising, all money collected will directly aid in scientists' journey to help the bees.

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