Dancing Between the Wind

The Problem

There are children in hospitals that can be saved, and I plan to do it through my book. I was saved by a heart-and-lung machine at the Children's Hospital Los Angeles, and it requires countless hours and dedicated nurses to take care of a child, or infant, who may have another chance at life. Also, while the children are in the hospital, they should occupy themselves with something that makes them feel important, to higher their self-esteem. A child's time in the hospital is arbitrary and lonely, but we can prevent their loneliness by teaching by their bedside, or at least in a community room.

Plan of Action

I wrote and illustrated a book and I want to sell it, using the profits to procure enough nurses who can take care of the children. I plan to sell them at farmer's markets during the weekend. I will use these half the profits to purchase art supplies and the other half will go towards the Child Life Program at children's Hospital Los Angeles.

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