Resist the Rape Culture

Official Project

The Problem

We want to confront the culture of violence perpetuated by media, language, and stigmas that accommodates rape of the body, mind, spirit, and even lands. Our idea sprouted as a response to the violent gang rape that happened in New Delhi in December 2012. We wanted to act in solidarity with Indians protesting for justice, as well as critically confront the presence of a rape culture in our own Western society. This includes attitudes and beliefs we tend to have around violence, especially sexual violence, and how we respond to these violences.

Plan of Action

We have established a weekly planning and support group for female-identified and gender non-conforming individuals. We will be hosting a collaborative, multi-media production in March (International Women's Month) for community members. We are planning on creating stickers for an educative sticker campaign, and we are planning on staging positive, creative, and informative improv skits at college and high school classrooms, local restaurants and community spaces that seek to raise awareness about [sexual] violence.

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