MOM-Bot 1.0

The Problem

Global Warming, I’m certain by now most of the public worldwide know what this concept is about, and most probably tired of hearing what a huge problem it is but no long term solutions are being proposed. Unfortunately that is still a working progress, but in the mean time we can try to reduce the after effects of Global warming such as climate change by tackling each greenhouse gas in the atmosphere such as Methane. In theory MOM-Bot machine is suppose to reduce methane in the atmosphere by using the methane-oxidizing archaea and sulfur-reducing bacteria still working in consortia but in a controlled manner and preferably working in the atmosphere not on the ground level. Methane will be reduced by filtering methane gas from the air using liquid nitrogen, then feeding it to methane oxidizing archaea and bacteria.

Plan of Action

I plan to improve the design of the machine to make it more effective, then introduce it to sponsors as an idea with sufficient evidence proving its effectiveness which I already have and hopefully obtain funds for experiment equipment ;and building of the prototype and final product. After funding has been provided external experiments will be conducted which will demonstrate the processes or reactions that will take place within the machine; when we obtain positive results building of the prototype will begin. Of course we have to know exactly where we going to test the machine (prototype), the machine will be tested in South African mines (kimberly) -where there is a great amount of natural gas being released in the atmosphere- which is where the research will also take place. After collecting the results from the prototype we will then produce the final product and place it on the market for the entire would to use especially environmental companies aiming at reduce global warming and climate change.

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