Puentes Online

The Problem

Grading paper assignments is obsolete! We aim to holistically revamp the process of take-home assignments by improving both student home-learning, and instructor, experience.

Plan of Action

Puentes takes the pain out of paper assignments. Rather than giving out assignments and receiving reams of paper back from students, Puentes digitizes the assignment process entirely. Now, you can easily create, assign, receive, grade and store all assignments through one easy-to-use portal. Puentes is wholly based on the principles of collaborative learning. Puentes creates a strong network of Instructors looking to connect with other Instructors on their assignments. In other words, their students can collaborate in their own school, hometown, or across continents. For example, Puentes can connect Jewish schools with schools in Israel. Instructors teaching an architecture class in Miami about the Sistine Chapel can create an assignment with an architecture class in Rome. Instructors need technology more than ever to effectively run their classes. This is the perfect opportunity to get our product into the hands of the Instructors that need it most.

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