IBSA's Little Helpers

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The Problem

The International Baccalaureate Student Association in our school is currently running a book drive. But guess what? Barely no one know about the event going on! There was a bin in the main hallway and most of the student population knew not of it's purpose - and if they did, were not very...enthusiastic about it. Honestly, I [Reggie Lynn] only learned of it, a couple of days ago. My first thought went to the fact that this would be something our service club can do. It will be an awesome start in helping others - starting with our fellow peers.

Plan of Action

Here's the thing: there's only 4 days left before IBSA closes it's Book Drive Window. Last day: March 14, 2013. The plan has already taken place. During our club meeting today, after "business" regarding officer positions and voting was taken care of, members broke up into groups - one of those being the banner and poster makers. During these four days, the clubs members plan to promote the book drive (along with bring some) through: creation of posters and banners that will be hung around the school, handing out reminders and talking to people about the cause (where they are going to - the books donated are encouraged to be children friendly because...well...children are receiving them!) before, during lunch hours, and after school. Also, the main audience we want to catch the attention of with our promotion is the parents. With the parents having knowledge of the event going on within the school, they will serve as a reminder to the students, as well - club members will be handing out Event reminders/information and speaking to parents in the car loading zone while they are waiting for their teens. We also plan to use the power of the main office and of our voices in order to get the word out - after all, that's where it starts. Here's what I told the members; If we can encourage our peers to bring over 200 jeans in two/three days, I BELIEVE we can do this.

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