Cut the BULLying

The Problem

Cut the BULLying is an idea, a thought, and a way to help the process of putting an end to bullying. As you notice the word “bull” is set in capitols to emphasize a secondary meaning; to cut the bull. Because bullying is a lot of bull, that needs to be cut. This is an idea, thought, and way to make this world a better place. I am going to solve the issue of bullying.

Plan of Action

My vision for this project is success; success through persistence, networking, and marketing. My long-term goal is for this to become a national project. And there is only one way to achieve this goal; persistence with a positive attitude. A positive attitude mixed with persistence are two principles that will make this project successful. When I say successful, I'm saying I want “Cut the BULLying” to be an answer for people; for it to be something that makes this place a better place to live in. Something that truly and accurately fixes this issue. I want the information that I contain towards this issue to be something everybody can apply to prevent the negative consequences of bullying. I will continue to reach out to non-profits, individuals, organizations, friends, business', schools and etc to turn my dream into a reality. The more I network with others the more the word will spread about “Cut the BULLying”. One day this project will be something huge, something that will be used in schools and classes. I intend to set up events all around the nation, because this is a national problem! Events that will be a place for people to get educated, speak-up, become inspired, and leave with a new way of thinking. There is no point in which “Cut the BULLying” will end, it will be in constant motion to benefit lives, make a difference, and create opportunities. I hope this project will create an opportunity to be funded, because with funds this project can become better developed! I use social media sites to connect and spread the word. I contact news stations through via email, phone, and mail. I create posters and pictures to illustrate my intentions. I came up with a “Cut the BULLying” gesture to add some cleverness and a universal symbol. I email and call constantly to get the attention of successful people that can potential support me. I have a lot of supporters, but right now its just a work in progress. I want to put on an actual event and get funded so it can open more opportunities. Hip Hop Congress is a non profit that it supporting me and this is great! I can't wait to see where it goes, but I want more successful organizations to back me up so one day I can call this project successful.

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