The Sparkle Effect

Official Project

The Problem

Living in a small community does not always offer our mentally and physically challenged students a lot of opportunities to be involved in extra-circular activities. We are incorporating a cheer squad with disabilities in with our Varsity cheer squad to perform at pep rallies and Varsity home games. We are hoping the cheerleading program will give them and our community a chance to come together and shINe. This year our school districts theme is "One Heartbeat: :Putting Unity back in to the Community" We hope that our new cheer squad will help bridge the gap between disabled and non-disabled students.

Plan of Action

We have already organized a team of both girls and boys. Members of our Varsity cheer squad will be volunteering to help run practices. We need funds to help expose our new squad to the community and purchase uniforms, poms and megaphones for our Sparkle Squad.

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