Do Something NOW! Use Your Passion to Make a Difference

Official Project

The Problem

I want to inspire others to get involved in causes they believe in. I have a passion-To End Human Trafficking, especially the Criminal Sexual Exploitation of Children, first in Georgia than in the US. There are 27 Million people enslaved around the world right now. Atlanta is one of the largest hubs of human trafficking in the US. The average age of girls recruited/trapped in human trafficking is 12-14 years old. I found out about how big this issue is when I was 14 and I knew I had to do something! I was shocked to know this doesn't just happen on the other side of the world, this happens right here in the USA! Right in my state! When we are young we can feel that issues like this are so big and we are so small. It is easy to feel like what can we really do? How can we make a difference? Well I believe we can make a difference. We just have to Do Something NOW! Before you know it, the small things you are doing start to add up and you are making a big impact. We all want to think if we had lived during the 1800's when slavery was so big in America, we would have recognized how wrong it was; we would have stood up; we would have done something. Well you can! Take a stand against modern day slavery! Do Something NOW! Use Your Passion to Make a Difference!

Plan of Action

Some of my other passions are music/singing and clothes and fashion. I have used those passions to make a difference for a local organization, Wellspring Living. Wellspring Living has two restorative homes that offer hope and healing to women who have escaped human trafficking. (They have an 84% success rate, too!) I have sorted clothes, organized clothing drives in my school and community which are sold at Wellspring Treasures, upscale resale stores. The stores are run mainly by volunteers and the money pays for the women and girls to get help. I also organized a fashion show and involved about 30 other young people (age 14-24) I raised about $5000 with these projects. I served as a hostess at another fashion show and helped raise another $25,000 for Wellspring living. I am a member of the Wellspring Speaker's Bureau. I received training and speak to groups to educate them about the issue of human trafficking and what Wellspring Living is doing to help. I speak to elementary and middle school kids to encourage them to find their passion and get involved. I share about the work I do with Wellspring Living and how it offers hope to girls who are hurting. I act as a mentor for middle school girls and meet weekly with them through a GirlTalk program. I am also involved in a couple of leadership organizations and groups. I share information with other student leaders around my county and state to encourage them to take this program back to their own communities and make a difference. I participate in an annual Lobby Day to STOP the Criminal Sexual Exploitation of Children in Georgia. I keep up with legislation that fights human trafficking, supports survivors and convicts traffickers and contact my local congressmen asking them to support this legislation and join the fight to End Human Trafficking in GA. I am currently working with a group of high school students to put together a benefit concert (to be held in May 2013) to support organizations that fight human trafficking (Wellspring Living is one of them!) I started out small- with a clothing drive at my school-and I just kept taking the next step. Now I know I am making a difference. I will keep sharing my passion everywhere I go as often as I can. If I can inspire just one kid in each state to get involved like I have, think about the impact it can make!

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