Getting to really know your classmates

Official Project

The Problem

I'm trying to reduce hatred towards piers, stupid assumptions, and rumors. Obviously you know the names of your classmates and a couple details. With getting to know piers better it might try to reduce the things I listed above, because with knowing more things about your classmates it will help by being able to defend the classmates leading to less drama.

Plan of Action

Get my anti bullying club and then homeroom together. Next I will set up a line of desks in pairs and sit everyone down. Have everyone ask their partner questions like "What is your favorite thing to do" "Whats one quality you look for in a friend" "What is your favorite subject" "What makes you, you" ect. After 5 minutes have one side of the pairs switch thus repeating every 5 minutes with you ending up with a new partner every time until you've met with everyone or mostly everyone.

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