Van Nuys High School HOSA

The Problem

This year, my school, Van Nuys High School, started a club called HOSA which is specifically aimed at passionate students vying to pursue a career in healthcare. Our club was given an award for being one of the top 10 clubs to be active in and take part in various community events such as the AIDS walk and Cystic Fibrosis Walk. Although popular among my school, HOSA is having a hard time collecting funds in order to participate in these community events and prosper as a club itself.

Plan of Action

With grant money, HOSA will not only be able to grow as a club, but also as a community outreach effort. Adequate funding would allow our club to become more involved in activities such as CPR lessons, health fairs, and awareness booths about health issues throughout society. All of these, along with more events, in turn begin the initiative to making the world a healthier haven.

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