Trojan Kindness

Official Project

The Problem

The rate at which adolescent illness that affects our generation is growing at an exponential rate and drastically damages the foundations of families throughout the United States. This year, Jenks Key Club dedicated our fall project, Trojan Kindness, to support the Children’s Miracle Network and to help the children in need at our local Saint Francis Children’s Hospital. Throughout the couple of weeks that Trojan Kindness took place, we requested our members to dedicate their time in constructing minor gifts, consisting of bracelets, Boo Boo bunnies, cards, tie-dye pillow cases, to restore the beautiful smiles of the children affected by mental and physical illnesses and injuries.

Plan of Action

Trojan Kindness occurred on the days of October 29th and lasted until November 9th. Throughout the course of the week, we established a schedule in which each day was dedicated to a different gift for the children or nurses of Saint Francis Children’s Hospital. We were able to post up multiple posters, flyers, and announcements around the school to remind our fellow students of the wonderful cause that was taking place. In result, we were able to gather a rather large handful of people whom varied each day that helped us throughout the two weeks. After days of dedicated labor and six batches of cookies, on November 10th, our club gathered all the crafts and donations and brought it to the nurses and children residing in the hospital to show our appreciation from the Jenks Community.

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