Give A Crop

Official Project

The Problem

GMO companies and GE products don't have to be labeled and people are so unaware of what they are putting into their bodies which is deteriorating their health along with the health of their loved ones. People soon won't even have a chance to choose what kind of foods they want to eat because these big corporations will patent foods (especially seeds) making it illegal for farmers and gardeners alike to plant their own crops. Not only that, but the mother strain could go extinct completely and all we will be left with are these "frankenfoods".

Plan of Action

Start by making t-shirts that say on the back "STOP GMOS {PLU #8}", and things like "I GIVE A CROP", "LABEL ME", and "Check PLUs!" on the front to just spread awareness. I also hope to start making bumper stickers that have actual factoids on them concerning genetically engineered foods as well as tips on how to become sustainable. I want to build up a community trough food and wellness.

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