Dream Action Coalition

The Problem

There are over 11 million undocumented individuals currently living in the U.S. Many of them, like my family and I, have come to this country because of the poverty and lack of opportunities in their country of origin. Most immigrants in this country start a life here and fall in love with America. My of us are Dreamers and are brought to this country as children and don't know any other home and many times hit a wall when they find out that they can not drive, work or do what their classmates are able to do. In states like Arizona and Alabama, undocumented immigrants are targeted, incarcerated and deported. Families are separated and many times we have to live in the shadows for years.

Plan of Action

The only way to stop the separation of families, the unfair treatment of immigrants, racial profiling by authorities and give an opportunity for undocumented youth to use our skills and talents, is to pass legislation that would accomplish just that. I have always said that when we put a face to a statistic, than the country can start to understand what the real issue is. Our plan is to organize, train and mentor undocumented youth in at least 15 key states. The training will focus on how to advocate and use their own story to gather thousands of signatures, petitions, calls and visits to legislators who have the power to vote on a fair and humane path to citizenship for the 11 million.

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