Missouri High Stepper

The Problem

Focused primarily on the underprivileged African American youth in central Missouri, the High Steppers are commited in providing a place for children to come outside of school, get exercise, learn discepline, stay away from drugs, and learn leadership. As the children age through our program, they gain more responsibility and begin to teach the younger steppers how to "step". Steppers must take a vow of commitment to productive and drug free lifestyle. Below is our creed; I am responsible for the decisions I make in this life. I am the one who determines who I am, what I do and what I will become. Compassion and hard work are my tenets. Gentleness and resoluteness my hallmark. I will strive to maintain a positive attitude about life, to work hard at every task I undertake and to persevere in the face of life’s difficulties. I pledge to be a role model to others and to make empathy and kindness my personal guiding light. Suaviter in modo, Fortiter in re. (SWAH-wih-tehr ihn MAW-daw FAWR-tih-tehr ihn ray) Gentle in manner, resolute in deed.

Plan of Action

Our plan is already in motion. We have over 200 participating members in the high steppers, but would like to expand more. Get more kids involved in our vision. Provide children with unhappy homes a place to go after school, as well as contribute to the community with more than just our attitude and positive outlook on life. We must save these children from the drug dealing and criminal lifestyles that so many are dropping out of high school to join.

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