"Penny for your Thoughts" : Penny Drive

Official Dosomething.org Project

The Problem

My reason for beginning this project is to end hunger and poverty. A penny drive seemed to be the most ideal project to start with because pennies are not used in Canada anymore but it is still valid worldwide and so instead of throwing out our pennies, we might as well donate them and help the poor. For every $0.01 (CAD) Canadian penny given to the underprivileged, we get $25 (USh) Ugandan Schilling. On average, 1 meal costs approximately $2.02 CAD ( i.e, 202 pennies) , which is approximately 5,127.00 USh in Ugandan currency. 1 meal can feed upto 3 people. I will be sending all the pennies saved to Canadian Food For Children (CFFC).

Plan of Action

1. Pick an organization: Canadian Food For Children (CFFC) 2. Goal: minimum 4000 pennies (approximately 20 people). Start Date: May 10th-May 31st, 2013 3. Get neighbourhood & community centres involved. 4. Create awareness; Spread the word (Flyers, Word of Mouth, Social Media:Facebook, Twitter, Texts, ) 5. Thank everyone for participation; Send pennies to CFFC.

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