The African Food Initiative

The Problem

We aim to solve African hunger. A 2012 FAO report states that there are 239 million Africans who are chronically hungry. In turn, hunger devastates Africa: malnutrition claims the lives of 3.5 million African children each year, and it contracts African economies by 2-3% on average through productivity losses. That is despite Sub-Saharan Africa being home to millions of smallholders who farm on its vast expanses of arable land.

Plan of Action

We seek to enlarge the yields and profits of Africa’s smallholder farmers. Our innovative approach integrates information and training, loaned inputs, appropriate technology and infrastructure, gender sensitivity, risk management, environmental sustainability and access to markets. We identify needy farming communities; offer training on farming and business best practices; provide infrastructure, loans, and insurance; connect farmers with markets and collect repayments; and evaluate our work and expand. Our vision is to end poverty and hunger in Africa.

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