Mental Health Awareness

Official Project

The Problem

Over the past couple of years the citizens of the United States witnessed atrocious acts of violence causing an endless amount of pain and suffering. It certainly cannot account for all of these heinous crimes, but in a vast majority of these acts the common and underlying issue was that of a mental health issue. Our goal is to make these commonly swept under the rug problems regarding mental health issues brought to the attention of our government and to the people of this country so that together we can create a solution that will eliminate the stigmas of society, aid those in need of help, and to protect all.

Plan of Action

Our plan is simple but it will not be easy. Our plan starts at a very basic level in which we will create and raise awareness to the mental health issues we face in this day in age. By doing so, we can steer people away from the negative stigmas of the mentally ill and start focusing on providing proper treatment and care for those individuals who so desparately need it before its too late again.

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