Similarities and differences of in perception of Thai and US college students about human traffciking

Official Project

The Problem

I strongly believe that if college students are made aware of the pressing international issues that are present in our world today that we would be so much closer to world peace, safe food and water for all and more innovative ideas to provide healthcare to the nations. But my major concern focus is Human Trafficking. There are over 21 million people (according to the US 2013 Trafficking in Persons Report) enslaved around the world. Working not only in the commercial sex trade, but for large industries making our chocolate, coffee and other products unknown to consumers. As a current senior at the University of Florida I know college students are more than capable of tackling these issues given their innovative youthful thinking and fresh perspective that will help in future advances that previous officials were unable to accomplish.

Plan of Action

I'm going to Thailand from July 12th to August 12th as an intern to the college of Public Health Sciences at Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok. While there I will be conducting my senior thesis project by doing face to face interviews with students in order to engage that "west meets east" cultural dialogue through my International Review Board (IRB) approved survey to gather an understanding of how knowledgeable college students are about different areas of human trafficking (e.g. local vs international knowledge, legal knowledge of UN protocol vs national laws, etc.). This will be compared with the knowledge gathered from the same survey administered to UF students when I return to Gainesville in the Fall. I plan to submit my project to the Journal of Undergraduate Research (JUR) as well as present to the graduate college of Public Health Epidemiology department and community groups regarding my findings.

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