Student AIDS Educators

The Problem

The young people in our town seem to be remarkably uneducated about how to be safe and responsible sexually. Our local schools only teach the controversial and narrow 'abstinence-only' curriculum. While our group of student educators feels that abstinence is a great approach, it isn't suitable for everyone. We want to help the local high schoolers and college students educate themselves on how to protect themselves from STD's, STI's, and make decisions that they wont regret.

Plan of Action

We want to hold 3 or 4 education days throughout the school year that are student run. Students will educate other students and hopefully it will create a comfortable atmosphere to ask questions. We also want to hold bake-sales and fundraisers for out local AIDS Project. Our student group also hopes to go out to other schools outside of the district and presents at health fairs and other events.

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