2Phased After-Class Showcase

Official Dosomething.org Project

The Problem

High-school drop-out rate and the lack of Teen Development ( especially in under-privileged areas)

Plan of Action

2Phased will be driven by the passion that we each hold for music and the arts. 2Phased’s goal is to allow teens to not only showcase their talent but to essentially introduce artists with the right people and resources. By supplying a place where teens alike can witness their fellow classmates and "generational co-habitants" do exactly what they love to do, we give them a safe, engaging, responsible place to "hang out". 2Phased plans to bring back positive meaningful music for young teens ages 14-19. By forming partnerships and collaborating with different vendors and others in the music industry we are KEEPING MUSIC ALIVE, ONE TEEN AT A TIME! It is our desire to form partnerships with organizations and individuals who may support us in offering teens the proper tools to be productive citizens. What makes us truly unique is that our showcases will be VIP only. Where only those teens who have shown that they are actively involved in extra-curricular activities will be given our VIP card and authorized access to our events.

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