ACORN/WEP Workers Organizing Committee

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The Problem

Milagros Silva won a BRICK Award in 1998 for her work as a Lead Organizer of the ACORN/WEP Workers Organizing Committee in New York City. ACORN/WEP is a citywide campaign to secure workplace rights, health and safety protections, access to child care, transportation and training for over 40,000 participants in New York City’s Work Experience Program.  Milagros has collected authorization cards from over 22,000 WEP workers, and in October of 1997, 17,000 WEP workers voted in favor of representation by ACORN/WWOC.  Through WWOC, Milagros has played an important role in advocating for basic protective gear for workers, creating a grievance procedure for WEP workers, obtaining child care payments for over 100 women, gaining access to computer training for over 200 workers, and developing training programs for ACORN members assigned to WEP in office buildings.

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