Project Safe Drive

Official Project

The Problem

I want to make the roads and streets in my community a safer place to drive on  by keeping people from multitasking, so their full undivided attention can be focused on the road.I will hang up posters and make as many types of ads as possible (whiter it's poster, bumper stickers, papers that have info on it that i can leave at stores , and etc).  I will leave them every where i go. I can make a slogan easily.  I will ponder on a good one than i will tell you what it is. I'm even thinking of recording a song since I'm a local artist that does a lot of gigs.  I could prob make a nice song, something like - be careful when u drive you could save lives...I'm thinking up a good slogal right now! If I get the grant, I'm going to spend $300 dollars on poster boards, another $100 for art supplies, and the remaning amount for gas to hang up the poster boards in various places around town.  (I will advertise safe driving around town).

Plan of Action

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