STAND! (Students Taking a New Direction)

Official Project

The Problem

The mission for STAND (Students Taking A New Direction) as a service and volunteering organization is to create long term relationships by mentoring, befriending and tutoring first and second time juvenile offenders in Baltimore City. A mentor will be individually paired up with a mentee according to his/her skills, interests, personality, and compatibility. Mentors have the role as a friend and big brother/sister to have fun with the children through educational and enjoyable activities. Once a month, as a group, the mentors take their mentees to a social event. The event could be a ball game, movie, sport, tour of Hopkins, trip to the zoo, etc. By participating in this program, children’s horizons are broadened and by learning and growing with their mentor, they can take a new path in life. Due to the delicate nature of the mentees’ past, mentors have the responsibility to maintain their relationship over time through any type of communication. STAND’s ultimate goal is to decrease the violence and legal troubles of the youth in Baltimore. Regardless of our origins, as Hopkins students in Baltimore, it is our obligation to improve the lives of those who are most vulnerable in the local community.

Plan of Action

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