I am beautiful campaign.....

The Problem

Hi my name is Daneya Wheeler and i am the CEO and Founder of Virtuous City a 2006 youth venture recipent. Recently i have been brainstorming ideas to bring attention and funds to my venture and something that can also encourage and uplift the spirit of others as well as get young women involved. After taking time re-read the mission and purpose of virtuous city and a bit of soul searching i came up with the "i am beautiful" campaign which will start off with a handful of photos with different themes by Rahan Cotteral showing young women in the essence of beauty from differnet places, different backgrounds shapes and sizes. out of this campaign will be inspirational t-shirts, hats, bracelets, buttons etc. there will be art gallery expos with all photos taken, fashion shows and meetings a public schools to inspire young women to see the beauty and themselves and give them each an opportunity to become a part of this life changing campaign.

Plan of Action

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