Team Hunger Force

Official Project

The Problem

Team Hunger Force is an organization started by Josie D. and Scott L. to raise food, money, and awareness about world hunger and how it plagues the world. We recently held our first fund raiser in our hometown (Cheboygan, MI), which consisted of a door-to-door canned food drive, a raffle for products from local businesses, bakes sales, and a concert series in the evening. While in the future we will not be hosting identical events, we are going to continue to promote awareness and try to make a difference across Michigan. We attended the Cheboygan Street Fair to alert people how serious world hunger is, and we will be at the Charlevoix Fudgie Fest September 1st, to talk with the community and let them our goals and dreams for THF. Aside from our main goal of helping demolish world hunger, we want to inspire and promote youth involvement while giving back to the community. All of our raffles, promotions, and donations will directly affect the community they came from so that the public can see the hard work they've put in to THF with us. Even if you don't live in Michigan, or anywhere near our events, add us on myspace ( because a little support can go a long way, and we really appreciate kind words and encouragement.

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